Consulting Services

   My consulting practice has been ongoing for 7 years and is rooted primarily in community organizing and professional development work. I started by training public school teachers, school nurses, and parents regarding LGBTQ+ competency in high school, which quickly expanded into years of grassroots community organizing, lobbying in the MA Statehouse, working in the LGBTQ+ non-profit sector, and expansion into public health/harm reduction. Topics I have consistently returned to include: LGBTQ+ inclusion in workplaces and schools, gender identity education, transformative justice, legislative campaigning, white privilege, mutual aid, sex education, and harm reduction. 

   My consulting jobs have included speaking engagements, panel organization/facilitation, training/workshops, racial justice dialogues, ambassadorship for high-profile events/fundraisers, public school and workplace policy audits, written educational resources, and personal consultations with newly out transgender youth and their families. My approach to all work is holistic, multi-faceted, and community-oriented as I pull from my experiences in a variety of different fields. 

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Past Clients

Client Testimony: MORE Advertising

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Él Martinez (they/elle) to host a Gender Identity Training for our advertising agency staff, and I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Él provided a solid and thorough background of gender identity that was well received across members of the company, and their expertise in the subject matter was evident throughout the training. What impressed me the most was Él’s professionalism and engagement with our staff during the training. They were nimble, showcasing their knowledge by patiently responding to the many questions raised by our team without skipping a beat. It was clear that Él had taken the time to understand our company culture, and tailor the training to meet our needs. The training left our team with many actionable steps to take not only towards making the company more inclusive, but also our client/campaign work more inclusive. Él's guidance will undoubtedly help us to better serve our diverse clients and create more impactful campaigns."

--- Julia Moore, MORE Advertising