Art Gallery

"¡Zoinks!" (2022) 

An embroidery of the Ghost Clown, 10,000 Volt Ghost, Space Kook, and Charlie the Robot from “Scooby Doo Where are You?” (1969). The hoop is painted with the turquoise, green, and orange-flower pattern of the Mystery Machine.

"Panther Power" (2021) 

An embroidery of a black panther, inspired by classic American and traditional Japanese styles of tattooing.

"Atabey" (2022)  (Pre-Bisque Fire)

A ceramic idol of Atabey, the supreme female deity of the Taíno people of Borikén (Puerto Rico.) I sculpted this symmetrical 21.5" x 14.5"  piece in T-1 clay using the Japanese Tataki method. This idol was completed in 16 consecutive hours of work during my university's overnight studio event.

"Trolli" (2020) 

An embroidery of the Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers logo (my favorite candy.)

"Para Mom" (2021

An embroidery inspired by the art style of Mary Englebreit. 

"Made by Me" (2021) 

A plate glazed at Made By Me in Cambridge MA. The elements of a hibiscus flower and guava fruit are accompanied by a symbol for the coqui frog, all originating from Borikén (Puerto Rico).

"Decriminalization NOW" (2021) 

An embroidery of a cannabis bud, promoting the decriminalization of cannabis and all substances in order to reduce incarceration and promote life saving care for people who use drugs.

"Dead Men Can't Catcall" (2020) 

A comission for a good friend. Floss colors chosen by me.

"Harm Reduction Saves Lives!" (2020) 

My first embroidery! Depicting harm reduction supplies and strategies. This still hangs in my former workplace, Framingham GLASS, a harm-reduction-oriented program for LGBTQ+ POC.

"Protest Sign" (2019

A double-sided sign that I painted to hold up during my attendance of the counter-protest of the "Straight Pride" March that occurred in Government Center of downtown Boston, MA during the summer of 2019.