Él Martinez

student | community organizer | consultant

A Brief Intro…

Él Martinez (they/elle pronouns) is a student activist based out of Boston, MA. Having worked in legislative, non-profit, grassroots, and public school settings, Él's wealth of experience has equipped them with an advanced understanding of social change and valuable interpersonal skills. With their identity as a transgender person of color informing the education they provide and the knowledge they bring to the workplace.

With past work revolving around LGBTQ+ inclusion, white privilege, harm reduction, and more, Él connects their interests and ambitions to their education as a Social Work student. They continue to organize for various causes on a local level and provide DEI-centered consultant services as they pursue their undergraduate degree.


With their activism emerging out of the need for district-wide trainings in their public school system, facilitation is Él's bread and butter. They have spent years consulting, training staff, and hosting conversations regarding topics of white privilege, LGBTQ+ inclusion, restorative justice and more. Their clients/audiences have included youth, parents, teaches, nurses, non-profits, and corporate entities.


Él was a pioneer of what became known as the Gender X Bill in the state of Massachusetts. The goal of this series of legislation was to cement “X” as a designation under the sex classification on documents in the state of Massachusetts. After almost 3 years of lobbying inside and outside the legislature, the DMV instituted the “x” option in late 2019.

Él was a member of GLSEN's National Student Council from 2018 to 2020. In their position on the NSC, they produced student-authored content, modeled in campaigns with partners such as Hollister and Morphe, and acted as a representative for high-profile fundraisers and various media opportunities.